I prefer to do business with a handshake, but I find it better for both of us, to have a written policy to clarify our business relationship. This policy should cover most of the variables that we may encounter.

Gene Golden, Gettysburg Signs


CUSTOM SIGNAGE –All of Gettysburg Signs, signs are made to order. Depending on the sign you request, there may be additional charges requested as noted below. It is necessary to make sure we are all aware of the services that we are providing, and those that we are not providing.

DESIGN FEE - A non-refundable design fee will be required before we will begin the design process. The design fee will be applied to the final total for your sign. The design fee is not a logo design fee (see below). The drawing made for your sign design is for Gettysburg Signs use only. The drawing provided at this point may not be used for any other purposes including, but not limited to: “shopping” the drawing, logo design/reproduction, fabrication/production by any other company, advertising, etc. If the design is used for any other purpose, Gettysburg Signs will pursue legal action.

BOROUGH CHARGES - Not in the Boro? Don’t bother reading this!
If your sign is located within the Borough of Gettysburg, (or one of the other several local municipalities) there are many criteria to satisfy in order to fulfill the needs of the Historic District. Borough Charges are the most variable charge in your sign order. Gettysburg Signs will try to design signs to satisfy the zoning regulations set by the Historic Architectural Review Board and the Borough of Gettysburg (Boro), that doesn’t necessarily guarantee their acceptance by the Boro. What may be allowable, is not always approved. Any sketch production, and related costs, to satisfy the Boro must be passed along to the customer.

PERMIT FEES – The Boro charges $3 per square foot (min. $10) for a sign permit. Any and all Boro or Township permit fees are paid by the sign customer. The sign customer is responsible for aquiring any and all permits.

LOGO DESIGN – A Logo Design is separate from a Sign Design or a Finished Sign. The sign design is a sketch for your approval. The finished sign is a sign that you have paid for. Considering “fair use”, your sign may be photographed for your personal use and to show in advertising media (e.g., newspaper ad) as an integral part of your business. You may not however, use the design to configure an ad for the newspaper, phonebook, t-shirts, business cards, etc. Other than permitting a photo of the sign on, or in, your business, the artwork/design is copyrighted by Gettysburg Signs as its creator by means of “intellectual property” and copyright laws. If you wish to use this design for any other purpose, it may be purchased from Gettysburg Signs. Upon purchase, we will provide electronic files to allow for reproduction in many formats, as well as a hard copy of the design. Ownership of the logo will then be “free and clear”, and at that point, the customer has full discretion, and Gettysburg Signs has no more claims.

GROUND INSTALLATION - If Gettysburg Signs installs a free-standing sign, we will give you a quote that assumes a standard installation into earth. In some cases that quote will be adjusted. If a fee is charged by "PA One Call System" to check your site before digging, that fee will be passed along to you without additional charge.

QUOTES / ESTIMATES - All quotes are good for 30 days. If the permit process causes the sign acceptance to exceed 30 days, or if there are any other modifications to the signage order, the price may be adjusted accordingly.